**Please inquire at dawn@belladawn.com or (347) 467-0619 for rates and detailed information. 

On-Air Expert

  •  Regional & National Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Expert on Television

  • Secure & Book Segments with programs like Access Hollywood Live, E! News , CBS News, Good Day NY 

  • Collaborate with Brands to Develop Segments for TV

  • Media Tours​


  • Regional & National Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Expert on Televison

  •  Social Media Takeover

  • Collaborate with Brands to Develop Segments for TV

  • Media Tours 

  • Create Satrategies to Build Brand Awareness and Image

Brand Consultant

  • 6- 12 Week Programs to Develop Brand Awareness 

  • Coaching including How to "Get on TV" and "In Magazines" 

  • Develope Pitch Ideas for TV Markets

  • Create Connects for Key Players in Brands Specific Network

  • Create Strategies to Build Brand Image

  • Supervise Social Media Activity 

  • PR Planning including Strategies and Execution 

Event Host

  • Brand Representation 

  • Meet & Greet with Guests

  • Social Media Takeover

  • Mix & Mingle to Engage Guests


  •  Keynote Speaker

  • Cover Topics : Entreprenuership, Brand Developement, Social Media, Women in Business, Living with Passion, How to Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Tips

  • From Class Room to Auditorium 


  • Develope Mood Board

  • Creative Director of Shoots

  • Secure Models, Hair & Make-up Teams, Photographer, Location 

  • Collaborate with Brand on Styling Cohesiveness for Lookbooks, Photoshoots, Fashion Week, Red Carpet Dressing

  • Aquire Shoes, Accessories, Jewlery and Set Props

  • Connect Brand with Sponsors 

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