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Featured On Pix 11 { Cold Days Style)

Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Sleet can Stop Fashion! Nor’ Easters, Snow, Rain – you name it – Mother Nature sure does like to challenge our wardrobe at this time of year. Sure you want to stay warm but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a sleeping bag or wearing rain gear fit for a weatherman. Never fear! Stylist and on-air fashion pro Dawn Del Russo is going to show viewers how they can look chic no matter what Mother Nature throws at us this winter!

Model 1 - Nikki Lulu's Levi's Skinny Jeans Lulu's Sweater & Scarf Just Fab Army Boots Lulu's Green Long Coat ic! Berlin Sunglasses Love Your Melon Hat

Model 2 - Amanda West 56 Chelsea Thermal Long Dress $89 Fuzzy Babba Pull Through Knit Scarf Shoe Dazzle Boots Lulu's Pink Fur Puffer Coat

Model 3 - Billy West 56 Gray Thermal $60 Timberland Brown Shirt $68 Timberland Gray Pants $78 Bloomingdales Short Hills Puffer Flannel Coat

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