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The best handheld steamers of 2018, according to laundry pros TODAY Home rounded up the best portable and handheld clothes steamers to buy now.

Long gone are the days of our grandmother's ironing items like pillowcases and even underwear. Nowadays, the thought of even ironing shirts can make anyone cringe. That's where a handheld steamer comes in handy (pun intended) as a quick solution to getting clothes as smooth as possible without the stress. There are a lot of handheld steamers on the market so TODAY Home sought help from specialists to take out some of the guesswork while shopping.

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Handheld Fabric Steamer, $70, Amazon Also available for $60 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

“When I found this steamer, I was so happy it actually got the wrinkles out much better and faster than ironing. When I'm on set prepping for a segment to go live, there isn't much time and the models' clothes need to look crisp. This steamer is easy to pack up and take anywhere. I’ve tried a few but this is the one that gets the job done (to make clothes look) as good as a getting a crisp shirt from the dry cleaners. I love this steamer so much that I actually bought two: one for home and one for work!” said Dawn Del Russo, a TV lifestyle expert who often appears on shows like "Access Hollywood."

Read the full article by Carey Reilly Here

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