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Featured on Inside Edition { How to Dress Appropriately for the Office }

How much skin is too much when dressing for work in the summer heat? Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander caught up with fashion expert Dawn Del Russo to chat about the do's and don’ts for dressing appropriately for work as temperatures climb.

While Del Russo advises against anything strapless or showing too much cleavage, she demonstrated how a spaghetti-strap dress can be easily transformed to an office-ready look.

“If your office is more conservative and you are concerned with wearing a spaghetti strap but you love the look, put a blazer on top of it and you are good to go," Del Russo said. She suggested making smart choices with fabrics to stay cool. "You want to do cottons, linens, silkier fabrics," she said. "They feel the best in this heat."

For a classic look, Del Russo suggested a lightweight dress for a conservative office, and emphasized choosing one with a covered shoulder and higher neckline. "It flows and it lets airflow around you, so you don’t really feel constricted," Del Russo said. For something trendier, Del Russo recommends a jumper with flowy pants, or a vibrant-colored blouse with a white pencil skirt.

"A silky top is perfect because it is breathable," Del Russo said. "It’s loose; it doesn’t feel too tight to the body."

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